knowledge about polo shirts

Knowledge about polo shirts

History of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been around since the late 19th century, originating in India where they were worn by polo players. The shirt’s design included a soft collar and a button-up placket, which made it easier for polo player to wear while playing polo. The popularity of polo shirts grew quickly, and by the 1920s, they had become a popular style in Europe.

What knowledge about polo shirts do you know? Are they same as t shirts?

Polo shirt also named as Tennis shirt in older time. They were originally worn by nobles when they played polo. Because of comfort, they like to wear short-sleeved clothes with collars. Over time, it was called “Polo shirt”, and was widely loved by the public, it become into general classic and casual styling nowadays.

Before playing tennis was wearing traditional tennis shirts, tights, and a tie. Later, the style launched by Polo Ralph Lauren became very popular, and it was used to introduce this type of clothing to the polo and other sports circles and even casual wear, so it was called the Polo shirt, also known as the golf shirt.

The design is based on the premise that it does not need to be stuck in the pants. With a rib collar, rib sleeve cuff, center front 2-3 buttons, side seam with a few cms open from bottom up, to leave space while sitting down. It has a longer back and a short front.

The Polo Brand

In 1968, Ralph Lauren launched his first menswear line under the name “Polo.” The line consisted of tailored shirts, blazers, and sportswear. It was an instant success, and the Polo brand quickly became associated with luxury, sophistication, and a preppy aesthetic.

Over the years, Ralph Lauren expanded the Polo brand to include a wide range of products, including women’s wear, children’s wear, and accessories. Today, the Polo brand is a global icon, with stores all over the world and a reputation for timeless style and quality.

Ralph Lauren can be one of the most successful designers in the fashion industry. His design concept comes from the experience of life, classic and elegant style. The design simple, practical and easy-to-match Polo shirt has become a household classic.

Because the style of the Polo shirt design is mostly the same, it’s comfort has become the biggest selling point. Comfortable, colorful, breathable and sweaty fabric is popular and mostly used. Usually use Pique fabric in different weights(160g-220g).

As one of the classic legends in casual wear, cotton apparel polo shirts have always enjoyed a high share of world category menswear. Because it is neither too casual like a collarless T-shirt, nor rigid and serious like a shirt, it is very suitable for wearing in commercial and entertainment occasions. Although the style has not changed much since its birth, the bright colors, the sweat-absorbent and breathable texture, and the casual style make it enduring on the fashion stage.

Some people think that Polo shirts are “old men’s shirts” and are worn by middle-aged people over 40 years old. Who knows, they are not only young and sporty clothes, but also represent gentlemanly taste. Under the concerted efforts of all European and American apparel brands, the POLO shirt has already radiated a new brilliance.

Men’s fashion is becoming more and more popular with a “skinny” feeling, and most designers strive to “cut” a skinny body with perfect fit. What makes us amazing is that the tight-fitting match polo, pencil pants, and canvas material shoes so popular.

What exactly is a Polo shirt?

If your answer is still “a collared long sleeved or short sleeved T-shirt”, it is too imaginative.

The Polo shirt is the third form of survival between rigor and entertainment, allowing you to be lively when playing and solemn in serious occasions; It is a new definition of life for young people, creating wealth and enjoying fun, What you want is wonderful! Today, the product of leisure culture can also become a classic. The young spirit will make them continue to be the pursuit target of batches of young fashionista.

  1. Men is love with Polo shirt, especially the stand collar has become an attitude and popular. The design that never lags behind is an element that every trendy man likes. simple and generous, They can easy match with pants and trousers.
  2. The simple polo shirt is actually the most fashionable item. The simple foundation makes it suitable for various styles.
  3. They are suitable for all ages, all body types, and all personalities to wear on any occasion. Because of this, the Polo shirt has become the most popular clothing for men and a must-have clothing.
  4. The style is like a shirt, but it is more changeable than a shirt. By choosing different colors and patterns of Polo shirts, you can easily match your bottoms and attend any occasion freely. Unconsciously, Polo shirt has become an indispensable clothing for men in summer, whether it is mature, lively, or personality, you can match your own style.

Polo shirt practicality

The POLO shirt is easy to wear, can match with other clothes easily, and can use in any casual formal occasions. A simple POLO shirt can show man’s sense of stability, fashion, youth and sporty spirit. Through different polo match, you wear changes your style. Put up the collar of the Polo shirt, you can go outdoor dinner; turn down the collar you can attend more formal occasions. At the same time, Polo shirts are easy to maintain and do not need to be ironed every day like shirts.

Common ways to wear Polo shirts

1. Wear directly on the body (the most common way of wearing)

But there are also many people who do n’t wear it like this. They often choose a solid color T-shirt to make a base, wear a round neck T-shirt and then coat a Polo, which looks simple and elegant. At the same time Can also play a role in protecting the Polo shirt.

2. Untie the two or three buttons

Generally, they have 2 or 3 buttons. Wearing polo shirts recommended to put the bottom button on the top and untie the top button, put a necklace to make the chest look less hollow. If you already have a T-shirt primer, you may wish to untie both buttons. In addition, unless on a more formal occasion, we do not recommend buttoning all buttons.

3. Vertical collar wearing

There is also a very popular way to wear the collar of the Polo, which looks very fashionable. But remember to avoid erecting your collar when you are indoors.

If you want to be extroverted, you can try colorful Polo shirts in same fabric, such as green and red, or wear dark pinstripe, which can make you feel very cool. If the size of the Polo shirt is one size larger, a loose feeling, or choose a smaller size Polo shirt to make yourself more self-cultivation, this will make you look more fashionable.

The end

If you want to know more about polo, Or want to custom your own polo shirts design, please feel free to contact with us.


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