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Heyday dynasty is a reliable uniform manufacturer specializing in designing & making different types of Uniform. Our extensive range products are: school uniforms, military uniforms, chef uniforms, hospital uniforms(medical uniforms), security uniforms, safety uniforms, office uniforms, Police uniforms, housekeeping uniforms. Various types work clothes for Education, Team, Healthcare, Aviation, Hospitality, Military and Corporate with the request materials. All your uniforms business demand include, with reasonable price.

With a full supply chain & uniform manufacturing in advanced equipment and facilities, we’re able to customize your uniforms to the smallest detail. It’s the best choice of uniform suppliers to save cost and time.

Our accumulated 10 years of experience & expertise allow us to collaborate with you to elevate your quality products through every step of our production process, from consultation to final delivery.

Custom premium quality uniforms

Our durable uniforms are available in all natural and synthetic fibers, designs & functions.

Synthetic Fabric
Natural Fabric

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With China’s complete clothing customization industry, good reputation, affordable prices. No matter order quantity big or small, The stable social environment provides more possibilities for timely shipment, which is very attractive for multinational clothing buyers to customize various comfortable uniforms in China.

Customizable From Fabric To Thread

We offer fully customized uniforms to satisfy diverse market needs

Wool colors

Well-selected natural & synthetic
fiber for your choice

black button

Button, zipper, ribbon, lace
for different designs

Logo printing

Exquisite logo printing/embroidery to enhance your brand visibility


Nylon & cotton threads in different needles & colors

Custom package to fit your brand
identity & attract customers

Suit details

Craftsmanship Meets Strict Quality Control

We provide premium quality uniforms cut and sew craftsmanship, the result consistent high quality uniform.

At Heyday dynasty, our masterful sewing workers boast at least 10 years of experience. Combining different material specifications, they create clothing in meticulously handcrafted quality.

As Uniform manufacturers China, we apply international quality standards in our factory. Our in-process & final product inspections further ensure uniform colors, fitting, sizes & quality.

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China uniform manufacturers Full Service From Concept To Launch

At Heyday dynasty, our collaboration goes beyond product design & manufacturing.

From before-sales guidance to after-sales support, we’ll walk you through the whole process of creating your custom uniform lines.

By working with us, you can:

  • Get uniquely tailored uniform design for your local customers
  • Increase speed to market by counting on our rapid sampling & mass production capabilities
  • Enhance your brand value with our bespoke packaging solution
  • Punctual delivery with good quality
  • OEM services, No matter small orders OR large orders.

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