Quality uniform materials? ONLY the Finest.

Premium quality can only be born by combining skilled work with the best materials available.Each material used in making our uniform is carefully selected by our uniform experts to ensure it’s green & of top-quality.At Heyday, for uniforms production, we only use:

  • AZO free fabric or standard to requirement fabric
  • Trim dye to match color
  • SBS and YKK zips

All materials will go through strict in-house inspections. Only qualified fabrics, trims, and labels will be put into mass production.

Our process

Handcrafted For Delicate Details


Pre-shrink clothing fabric before cutting ensure the size is stay same after washing, specialy fabric with cotton and lycra.

flat fabric cutting

Cut to pieces

Checking fabric layer by layer, then cut into right size, quantity and color.

Towel embroidery


If the clothes have other craftsmanship like print, embroidery, laser cut, ruber ect, need to do in this pieces part NOT in finish clothing.

cut and sew

Sew the seams

Use different machines sew the pieces into a final uniform. All the seams need to qualify to the requirements.

shape the t shirts

Shape the uniform

Important part on size and outlook, make sure all seams flat and good shape.


Cleaning & Packing

Every pieces clean the threads, dirty inks, Qualify uniforms will pack into bags, custom bags and package are available.

Our Inspection

Guarantee For Consistent Quality uniforms

Uniform Fabric

  • Fabric weight

Weigh the fabric to ensure the weight is qualified to requirement.

  • Fabric color

Double check the color(side to side, front to bottom) is qualify to the color shape.

  • Fabric quality

Check the fabric not have holes, dirty inks and others

Fabric check
cut and sew

Cut and sew

  • Size and color

Check the right size, right color and fabric.

  • Quantity

Check each cutting pieces in right size and quantity, a full right quantity piece.

  •  Workmanship

Check the sewing machines are right thread and needles.


Uniform trim

  • Size

Measure to see if the right size as required.

  • Color

Check if the color is right according to bulk fabric.

  • Surface

Carefully inspect the surface to see if there are any scratches & stains.

quality check

Overall Inspection

  • Size

Final check to ensure the clothes sizes are right to size label.

  • Logo

Inspect carefully to see if the logo is attach complete & printed/embroidery as per requirements.

  • Package

Check if the clothes are correctly packed in perfect condition.

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