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t shirt template

Custom t shirt design template FREE template

T shirts are the most wearing clothing in our daily life. You can have no shirts, but you must have t shirts. An important thing for the success of the t shirt business is the design and color. According to the current popular trends, black t shirts are more popular than white t shirts, print t shirts are more popular than embroidery t shirts.

Many designers like to draw their design ideas with just a paper of drawings or sketches, or simply send you a picture or a link to the t shirt designs website. Some of my clients want to make their own t shirt design and brought the design manuscript. While these manuscripts/sketches/drawings/pictures are not standard and lack a lot of necessary information, which has brought some inconvenience to the factory. Others asked if we had any t shirts mockup to use as a reference or inspiration. Some of them even just told me i want to make men’s t shirt, women’s t shirt or kid’s t shirt. It’s really hard to finger out what kind of t shirt designs you want.

That’s why this article here. In this article, I will give you some free t shirt templates and tell you what should be included in an exact t shirt design templates. Besides, if you want to custom t shirts, packaging also worthwhile for designing. This can better enhance the value of your products and be helpful to start your t shirt business.

Details of a custom t shirt designs template should include

Usually, my clients will only give us a sketch or hand drawing pattern, or simply a picture from website, and the types they want like women’s t shirt, men’s t shirt, kid’s t shirt. However, these are far from enough.

For the convenience and also a faster-producing process, these details should be included in your t shirts template.

The target clients gender 

custom your t shirt design

According to the gender and age, t shirts can divide to Men’s t shirts, women’s t shirts, kid’s t shirts and unisex t shirts. The pattern for them are different, women’s body shape the bust usually bigger than waist, while for men usually straight, kids different age the length is totally different.

The front, back view of t shirts

front and back view of t shirt

The above picture is a typical simple t shirt template. It illustrates the front and back side. You can just provide a pattern only when you have no requirements for the exact position of certain designs. By the way, if you want to make a logo on the t shirts, do not forget to mark the position.

The neck of t shirts


Usually there are 3 kinds of t shirt neck shape, crew neck t shirts(round neck), V-neck t shirts and turtleneck t shirts. The neckline usually use self fabric or rib by blinding or over locking. The neckline width 1.5cm-2cm is the perfect width, Some clients would like to use raw edge neckline. The neck tape length should be slightly smaller than the neck hole, while fit tight not loose. Usually the sleeve opening will use twin stitching around 2-2.5cm height.

The sleeves of t shirts


Some clients will make some specials on sleeve, like balloon sleeve, puff sleeve, Trumpet sleeve, low shoulder sleeve. Due to the length of the sleeve, have short sleeve(21-25cm), long sleeve(64cm), sleeveless, middle sleeve(35cm) and 3/4 quarter sleeve(42-45cm).

Color cards & Colors

Fabric and colors

Choose a fabric and color you want, if you don’t have the that, you can told us the fabric composition and weight, pick a color number from Pantone, then we will send the fabric and color to double confirm. Also we can send you the fabric colors to choose from. By the way, due to the color and screen the real color maybe different from picture. For single jersey each fabric supplier have over 200 colors, mostly can find the colors.

Size measurement

T shirt size measurement

Due to different people have different body shape. The size fitting also different, it can divide to Basic, slim, plus size and over sized.

The body length for men is normal like 70cm, but for women have various length, bra down, on the waist, normal and over the hip.

You can check how to measure the t shirts in another articles here.

If you have the logo need on the t shirts, it’s better to send the graphic in AI or Coredraw format, do them all right with size, then factory will not asking again. By the way some clients send jpg, pdf file, which picture is not clear enough.

You can have your logo print or embroidery, please read different kinds of print and embroidery here.


Usually put on the center back under the neckline, size label beside the neck label, some clients also put on the neck label or under the neck label, care label on left hand side down from bottom about 10-15cm. Sewing tag with drawstring go through the neck label, some with a pin go throught the neck label. Few clients put it under the armhole, factory not like to put here, while packing it takes more time.

Others can be remarked in “Note”

Needle number, thread color, shoulder tape color on the note.

What is the complete custom t shirt design templete look like?

See our factory what we made with the details.

t shirt design template
t shirt template

Why Use Custom T-Shirt Templates?

Using custom t-shirt templates is a great way to create your own custom t-shirt designs without having to start from scratch. These templates you can fill with the information you require, and give to clothing factory to ask for quotation or making sample easily, Start designing from now.


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