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Free scrub template

The year 2020 is a real challenge for the health care agency and hospital, due to the Covid-19 expanding to the whole world, it looks like the virus never stop, hope the vaccine come out soon to stop the virus, so people can go back to normal life soon.

Everything break up in medical supply. Many people are changing their business to medical supply, as medical scrubs are one of the essential medical uniforms, we got many inquires during this special times, some clients ask how to start scrubs business, how to custom the medical scrubs? What need to do on custom scrubs? Do you have any template or reference so that i can take it to factory they can start right away?

That’s why this article here, In this article, i will give you the scrub template and tell you what options do you have to custom your scrubs. This full template will shorten the time on making sample and production with the factory, they will know well about what you need.

Medical scrubs are in very similar design, we offer free scrub templates and design.

1 Scrub template should include

Usually the clients will give only a picture to show what kind of scrubs they want. However these are far from enough.

For better understanding and also faster producing process, these details should be include in your scrubs template.

The front and back of scrubs

Scrub template

The above picture is a typical simple scrubs template. It illustrates the front, the back side of scrubs. If you have special stitching requirement, please mark on the design, if you have detail picture that will be great help.

By the way, if you want to make a logo on the scrubs, do not forget to mark its position. Logo can be print or embroidery, you can view the different types of print and embroidery we have by below link.

Color swatches & sizing

Scrub fabric

In production will have different sizes, usually size S-XL. For making sample usually will make only 1 size, choose the right size according to your model.

Usually we will provide you a color swatch with colors available to choose from. If you can not find the color you can pick a color reference number from Pantone. We will source the most similar color to match. You can know more about the scrub fabric in this article.

Also if the quantity is enough we can make to custom the same color and fabric.

Others can be remarked in “Note”

Like the side seam use overlock stitching, twin stitching, neck line use single top stitching ect.

2. Types and templates of scrubs

There are generally 3 types of scrubs: crew(round) neck scrubs, V neck scrubs , zip(button) front scrubs.

3 Scrub neckline

Due to the sleeve length, There are divide to short sleeve and long sleeve, but mostly the scrubs in short sleeve. 2 big pocket under the waist, 1 front chest pocket, Print logo or embroidery logo usually on left or right chest.

The scrub pant has straight bottom, slim bottom, gather bottom and flare bottom. Waist usually add elastic with drawstring to tie.

The trouser will have front side pocket/ front pocket, back pocket. Some of them will have cargo pocket.

3. Scrub size measurements

Medical scrubs are a professional work wear mostly use in heath care and hospital. Mostly they are Unisex design, Women and men can wear the same design, it’s more easier for people to recognize that they are staff. Many clients just say a size Small, Medium, Large or X Large, but when you ask about details on how many inches is the chest should be for size Small, they can not tell. Every brand will have their own size measurement, the measurements also different from countries and people and brand. It’s not one fits all.

What is the standard size measurement for the scrubs? What is the standard for grade size?

Scrub top Size chart (CM)SMLXL
HPS length72737475
Shoulder width4142.2543.544.75
Sleeve length2121.622.222.8
Scrub pant size chart (CM)SMLXL
Side seam100101102103

How to measure the right size? I have write in another article how to measure t shirts.

Scrub top measurement detail

Chest: Armhole to armhole

Shoulder: Shoulder to shoulder

Length: High point shoulder to bottom

Waist: 20cm under armhole

Sleeve length: Shoulder seam to bottom

Cuff: Width of sleeve

Trouser measurement detail

Waist: top width of waistband

Inseam: Crotch to bottom

Out seam: Waist to bottom

Front rise: Front waist to crotch

Back rise: back waist to crotch

Waist band width: top waist to bottom waist

Thigh: Crotch to outside seam

Cuff: bottom width

The End

If you have any comments or questions about medical scrub, we can custom medical uniforms please feel free to contact with us.


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