9 simple steps to custom uniforms

custom uniform

Uniforms are require to wear while working, there are many different kind of uniforms due to different kind of job and position.

Uniforms play a vital role in many fields, including sports, healthcare, education, and hospitality. They not only create a professional image but also instill a sense of unity and pride among team members. However, finding the perfect uniform can be a challenge, especially if you have specific requirements or design ideas. That’s where custom uniforms come in.

In this article, we’ll explore the 9 simple steps to custom uniforms that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Understanding Your Needs

The first step to creating custom uniforms is understanding your needs. You need to ask yourself several questions, such as:

  • What is the purpose of the uniform?
  • Who will be wearing the uniform?
  • What are the specific design requirements?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the delivery time for the project?

Answering these questions will help you define your objectives, constraints, and expectations for the project. It will also help you communicate effectively with the uniform provider.

How to find your supplier?

There are many ways to source supplier, it’s not a difficult work to find suppliers now.

Usually you have those ways:

  • Ask reference from your friends they have worked with.
  • Source from google with the products keywords.
  • Go to the wholesale market or fair.

How to Distinguish the right supplier?

Looks like you can find many suppliers easily, but it’s really a hard job to select the best supplier fit for you. A good supplier should have the followings:

A Timely and effective communication.

It is very important to judge whether a supplier is good or not. Effective communication is very important. No one want to wait for a long time for an answer. Even sometimes suppliers need to check and confirm the information, they will send you a quick response provide information about when they will give you answers. Some suppliers may ask you a full range of questions before you get a answer, they want to make clear about what you need. Usually they will tell you final confirmation only after made samples. Those who can respond quickly, cooperate with you to do something, you can talk with them more details.

B The reasonable price

If you are judge the suppliers only from the price, it’s really dangerous. Because you never know what is the quality level refer to that price. If the price is too much different, then maybe two things they are refer to. If you can get the 2 final products on hand you may find the difference. Some suppliers may quote you a real low price first to get your attention, then after sample or after offer your detail information they will raise up the price.

The right price shows that he is professional. He will help you analyze the product instead of throwing you a cold number telling you how much it is. He will advise you on how to improve a certain place and what options are available. Many people simply compare prices but don’t see the difference behind the price. Find the cost effective uniform supplier by comparing with them.

C Qualified products and on-time delivery.

The new uniforms are going to the market to end users. As clothing is seasonal products, they need the custom team uniform for the upcoming season. Professional uniform are as brand image, people wear every working day, end clients can feel the fabric, see the quality, choose the right size, it’s important to make them all right. Due to the strong seasonal and specifications, need a good qualified products and on time delivery.

Decide the supplier to work with.

Due to textile fabric knitting ways have 3 big different types. Woven fabric, knit jersey and knit sweater. They are in different knitting machine, workmanship, raw material and counts.

For fashion clothing line, they need low MOQ, on trends fashion and fast turn around time, colorful fabric and prints go with the global trends.

Uniforms belongs to work wear, the MOQ is higher, main colors in solid dark color, have some specification on fabric and text, need to look for the professional uniform manufacturer.

Here i will list custom team uniforms as an example.

1 Offer your details information to get a rough quote.

You need to offer your uniform design, fabric composition, fabric weight, team logos and logo placement, color, trims, order quantity, size range.

If you have the original sample on hand, it’s best to send the supplier the sample, they can quote more accurate and have more clear ideas about what you really need.

Send your tech pack to factory.

Write the information custom design specification on your tech pack, factory will have the detail info to get a better quote.

Get a design or catalog from the supplier and ask price of them.

The uniforms are mostly in very similar design. They are different in fabric, color and small details. So it’s easy for you to pick up the design from the factory catalog, and make changes on the design they already have.

2 Make sample to check everything before bulk

If you think the supplier can work together, everything looks good, you can ask them to make sample. Usually sample time around 7-15 days, most of the factories will charge the samples, depending on the design, sample charge from US$ 50-150 per piece. Once you place bulk order they will refund the charge.

You may think that sample charge is too much, in fact, factory making samples are much more cost than what you pay for, specially for the custom special workmanship. Sample fabric cost, trim cost, pattern cost, logo embroidery, print cost, dye color cost, cut and sew, labor cost and delivery cost.

3 Get sample and comments

Once you get the samples you can check in details, If you have any changes or comments mark them down and tell the supplier.

For clothing, usually you need to check the fabric, color, size, logo and stitching. You can try the sample on to feel and check.

If there are only the few small changes then no need to make sample again, can move to production and send pictures to confirm the changes. If there are many big changes better to remake sample and confirm again.

4 Confirm bulk production order

Confirm design, color, size range, trim, quantity, packing. If you have specification about the size, that will be great help.

If you don’t have, factory will grade the size as standard. About the colors, you can choose from the color swatch(usually factory will send you a color swatch with fabric use on sample or other options you may choose from). You can also choose the colors from Pantone number, they will get you the closest color for you to confirm.

Sign the contract with order details, pay deposit then factory will start working on the orders.

5 Buy raw material and trim

If the fabric you choose have stock, it will be fast to get the raw material. Fabric no stock, usually will take around 2 weeks to get them, sometimes maybe more depending on the fabric and supplier. Trims like Neck label, care label and washing instructions, swing tag need to order before, usually those have a higher MOQ like several thousands, or the price will be double or more.

6 Arrange bulk production

Fabric back in factory need to check the quality, Some fabric need pre-shrink, or it will be smaller in finish goods, then will cut fabric into pieces.

Pattern maker will check the comments and grade size correctly, they will adjust the cutting due to the quantity in each size and color, this is very important, or it will mixed up at the end.

According to the schedule, production manager will arrange every single step in order to finish. Sewing, logo print or embroidery, iron,make button holes and buttons ect.

7 Quality check

Factory usually have quality check before packing, also you can hire other people or 3rd party inspection company to check everything for you before send to you.

Check the size measurement, color, labels, fabric and colors ect.

8 Packing

Every thing good then pack as your requirements, usually flat packing one piece in a poly bag, stickers on swing tag and poly bag, outside with carton with shipping mark and packing details.

9 Delivery

In small quantity, it’s better to send by express like DHLUPSFEDEXTNT, it’s fast and delivery to your address, no need to handle import and customs. But it is expensive, usually less than 100 kgs better to use express.

In bigger quantity can send by air and sea, they all need you to handle with import and custom in your country, by air also fast and expensive. By sea need more time, around 30 days depending on different countries, but it’s the cheapest, if you are not hurry can use by sea.

Nowadays, many forwarder have DDP service(Delivery duty paid), they will charge with sender by kgs, no need the receiver to deal with other things, but not all the country have this service. Need to check with detail address.


  1. How long does it take to create custom uniforms?
  • The timeline depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, the size of the order, and the production capacity of the provider. Typically, it takes a few weeks to a few months to create custom uniforms.
  1. Can I order a sample before placing the final order?
  • Yes, most uniform providers offer samples or prototypes for you to try on and approve before placing the final order. This can help you avoid sizing and design issues.
  1. Can I request adjustments or changes after placing the order?
  • It depends on the provider’s policies and the stage of the production process. If you notice any issues or changes after placing the order, notify the provider as soon as possible to see if they can accommodate your request.
  1. Do custom uniforms cost more than standard uniforms?
  • Custom uniforms may cost more than standard uniforms due to the additional customization and design options. However, the price may vary depending on the provider, the quantity, and the complexity of the design.
  1. What is the benefit of custom uniforms?
  • Custom uniforms offer several benefits, such as creating a professional image, promoting team unity and pride, boosting brand recognition and loyalty, and enhancing performance and safety. Custom uniforms also allow you to express your creativity and uniqueness.

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