Right way to pack t shirts Video and pictures

right way to pack t shirts

How to pack your dress shirts? How to avoid wrinkle? What is the absolute best way and right way to pack t shirts for travelling light?

Well, this is the complete guide about folding clothes in different ways.

People will think of you from the first glance, specially important for the stranger and people not very close and not know well.  Put on a clean and tidy clothes, you will be more happy, passers-by will look like you are a clean and neat person, they will respect you and feel friendly. But if your button up shirts are crumpled, others may have different opinions on you. The first impression of most people will think you are a very sloppy person, a looser, and keep away from you. Thus, it is really important that a person’s appearance is clean.

Folding t shirts are much easier than other formal wear and bulky clothes.

It is very important to learn how to pack clothes to reduce wrinkles.

Right way to pack t shirts. How do you fold t shirts in life hack?

Folding method 1:

The first step is to shake the clothes, and then hold the shoulders on each side, and then fold it back; at this time, lay it flat on the table with the back facing up, and fold the left sleeve and right sleeve in half again ; Then fold the shirt in half so that the t-shirt is facing up. Finally, push back opposite side of T-shirt. Easy ways than dress shirt, less time consuming.

flat packing

Folding method 2:

Flat surface and lay them on the table; then fold them each in half, turn the sleeve upside down, watch out both side is corresponding. Fold the bottom up to the neck, if you think like this still too big, folded shirt in half again, a simple and beautiful t-shirt folding technique.

flat packing 3 fold

If it looks still big for you, you can fold clothes to more smaller way like this:

flat packing small

Folding method 3:

Here recommend everyone a convenient way to store clothes and save space when traveling. Rolled shirt folding is different from weekdays, you need to load in packing cube or suitcase space is small, Due to the limited space to put more clothes and often being mixed with other clothing, it is best to roll clothes for packing. You can try next vacation

First shake the clothes and lay them flat surface on the table; then rolling clothes of bottom about 5cm, then fold with center line, get the sleeves in, and finally roll clothes from the top of the t-shirt, just like rolling towels, which is more convenient to storage, now the t-shirt is small and wrinkle free.


Folding method 4

Chinese saying Tofu block packing, packing cubes. Lay flat on table, Firstly fold half vertically, fold the sleeves inside, fold the bottom one third up to middle, neck part also fold 1/3, then put the neck part into the shirt bottom. A very flat and neat folding shirts ready.

Tofu block packing

Folding method 5

Hanger hanging while at home you can use that in your wardrobe, it’s very easy and clear to see which design and print on it, it will stay as it is.

The End

If you know any other ways to pack the shirts, feel free to share with us or leave your comments. If you need custom packing for your shirts, you can summit a ticket here.


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