Chef uniform

chef uniform

Chef uniforms are different from other uniforms. Chef uniforms are unique compared to other uniforms as they require a special design to protect chefs from high-temperature oil, burning flames, and hot environments while providing the best comfort. In this article, we will discuss the special requirements for chef uniforms and how to customize them.

Chef clothing problem

What are the special requirements for chef uniform style and design?

How to let the kitchen staffs protect themselves and have the best comfort in kitchen environment? This determines the design and style of our chefs clothing Ideas.

Collar shape: as we have seen, most chef uniforms use stand-up collars. On the one hand, the stand-up collar can protect the neck from being burned by oil. On the other hand, the stand-up collar gives the neck heat dissipation space and enough free space.

Center front design: during cooking the oil is easily burned and Splash. in order to avoid damage from high oil temperature and heat, The center front part need to be wider and thicker, so most chef jackets are design to double breast style, this way can make it thicker enough to Resist high temperature oil and a certain degree of flame burning. In addition, use double-breasted buttons or zippers to fix it up and down to firmly protect the chef’s body and avoid being burned during the cooking process.

Sleeves: For head chefs, we generally don’t recommend short sleeves. Choose a sleeve length of 3/4 sleeve or more like full length. if the working environment does not have high temperature oil or obvious flames, you can freely choose any kind. You can choose sleeveless chef coats in summer season. More formal chef shirts for Executive Chefs.

Armpit and back: Armpit is the highest temperature part of the human body, the back is a relatively safe position. Therefore, mesh is used on the armpit and back yoke area instead of self-fabric to enhance air circulation and avoid high-temperature environments. This ventilation design does not affect any other functions.

Brand Logo: Logo is a good sign that reflects the company’s brand and culture, it also can help people to distinguish who is the worker so they can ask for. The logo can made custom print or custom embroidery, can make it simple as a cartoon or letter, on the other hand, you can put you slogan. This logo or slogan can help people more easy to understand the company culture. Those can put on front or back or sleeve or any position you want. Those logos can make consumers familiar with and keep it in mind, which is great help on brand promotion.

Button: Considering that heat is transferred to the chef’s uniform during the cooking process, on chef jacket we use A flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant resin ball button instead of other material. So the chef jacket can be take off without touching the buttons. There are various buttons like: knot button chef shirts, plastic button chef apparel, mental button chef coats.

Side panel: To make chefs stay cool, many custom chef apparel also provide option on side panel and side slit, a good option for unique personality and culinary professionals.

In the process of designing, we fully consider the working environment of the chef to bring a better experience to the chefs.

The chef uniforms fabric

chef uniform fabric

There are a wide range of fabrics, but mostly are cotton/polyester blend and polyester. The composition percentage has 65% polyester/35% cotton, 80% polyester/20% cotton, 60% polyester/40% cotton. The weight is between 190gsm-250 gsm.

90% of the chef uniforms are white color, white gives a clean and tidy impression. Of course, you can custom your own color, you can pick up the Pantone color number, or ask supplier to provide a color swatch to choose from.

Besides you can custom the fabric due to your requirement. The chef’s working environment is prone to water and oil, they are very easy to get dirty, and difficult to clean. Therefore, the fabric can be specially customized to have a waterproof and oil-proof function. But custom fabric with those functions require a MOQ, usually 10,000 Meters, delivery time for fabric around 20-30 days, so you need to have a good plan of the delivery time on production cycle.

More information about chef uniform fabric.

How to customize chef clothes?

The approximate style of chefs clothing are introduced above. How to start customizing chef clothes? We can custom chef hats, chef jackets, chef pants, kitchen shirts.

1 need to confirm about the design and style. There are usually three ways to get the style you need.

  •  send us the picture of the design and detail requirements.
  •  if you have a sample on hand, you can send the original sample.
  •  Choose from supplier catalog.

2 Choose the right fabric according to the style and requirements.

As mentioned before if there is a sample, we can source the same fabric, If not have the same, will provide other similar for reference. We provide free fabric sourcing service to all potential customers. If you have anything need to source please feel free to contact with us.

3 Free quotation

According to the style, fabric, accessories, workmanship and the quantity, we provide an initial quotation. Due to different clients request, We provide EXW(EX factory) Price, FOB price, CIF price, DDU and DDP price.

4 Customized samples

Factory will produce samples according to the specific requirements of the customers. Usually we will take photos before the samples are sent. Due to different factories, the sample usually will have sample charge, after mass production this sample charge will refund.

5 Mass production

After review the samples,  If you have any comments on samples OR need to make changes. We will find the best solution based on customer requirements and our professional suggestions. After the final sample confirmed, the factory will move to production. The production time depending on the fabric and design, usually around 30 days.

6 Quality inspection

After the production is completed, before the goods send out, you can check the quality, there are many ways you can check the quality:

  • Send small batch from the bulk goods for you to check.
  • Ask the factory to take photos, the whole product and small details.
  • Hire a third-party agency in China, which requires additional payment, usually in proportion to the number of orders
  • Customer or customer agent/staff come to the factory to check.

7 Send goods.

After checking the quality, if there is no problem. Then will send the bulk goods. This is not the final step, if customers have issues on the products after delivery, the after sales team will handle that.

The End

As a cook lover, i think the most important is clean and safety, chef have a clean and tidy uniform they can have good mood and happy to make something really delicious.


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