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Wash tips for hi-vis clothing

Hi-vis clothing is used to protect the wearer to be seen and safe, specially in dark and night can not see very clearly.

It is suitable for road workers, traffic and road administration departments, road commanders, cleaners, sanitation workers, etc. It is also suitable for people who travel, ride, and run at night. Its high reflective tape warning can protect the wearer personal safety.

We all know that the visibility of reflective clothing need over 1000 feet, otherwise it will pose a hidden danger to our safety. So reflectivity is the most important, due to the use, clean and storage, the life time of reflective uniforms are big difference.

Do you know how to wash and storage reflective or neon clothing correctly?

Wash and Clean high visibility safety gear without damaging the reflective heat transfer film. I have compiled a list of matters needing attention, avoiding the practice of damaging reflective clothing in daily cleaning, and improving the life time of reflective clothing. This article has a total of 1000 words and takes about 10 minutes to read.

When need wash reflective clothing?

When the reflective clothing has stains or loose dirt, it will affect the visibility of the reflective clothing, we should clean hi vis clothing.

When need a new reflective clothing?

Usually the life time of safety clothing is 6 months. In summer, due to strong sunlight, uv exposure and high temperature, it is recommended to replace every 1-3 months, depends on the frequency of use. When the reflect light of the retro reflective tape is weakened, or the reflective effect disappears, it is necessary to replace the hi vis jacket.

when we order high visibility jackets, we need to check with the manufacturer about the life time and other functions can meet your requirements, then choose right hi vis jackets manufacturer.

how to wash hi-vis clothing

How to wash hi-vis clothing? 9 wash tips for hi-vis clothing.

Washing process:

1. Slightly scrub, avoid scrubbing with hard objects

The reflective effect is produced by reflective microscopic glass beads. The glass beads are fixed on the tape with glue, heavy friction the glass beads are easy to fall off, then reduce the reflective properties.

When clean hi vis clothing, we need proper care, do not rubbing with hard brushes or hard objects. The best way is to scrub with a soft and smooth dry cloth and water, this way can effectively protect the glass beads.

Washing high visibility safety work gear separately or with soft clothes. Rough fabrics will damage the heat transfer film on the reflective tapes. Do not wash clothes with zippers, OR other hard metal buckles together, to avoid damage safety vests.

2. Cold water or warm water below 40 degrees

There is a common mistake of many safety vests users, they are washing with hot water.

Hot water will double kill to safety vests. First, hot water will destroy the viscosity of the adhesive; in addition, it will reduce the ability of fluorescent materials and retro reflective material to reflect and absorb light, shortening the life time of safety vests.

3. Use neutral detergent OR Mild detergent

It is best to wipe the reflective clothing with water in multiple washes, in any case the PH value of the water not more than 11.

If you’re not sure which detergent to use, a mild stain remover or mild shampoo. Stubborn stains soak about 20 minutes then remove stains will be easier, avoid excessive or prolonged alkalinity

Do not use whiteners(optical brightening agents) or detergents containing chlorine. Some stain remover may contain optical brighteners (OBAs), which can adversely affect reflective tape and fabrics, reducing the brightness of fluorescent fabrics and tape.

4. Do not twisted, machine wash or dried

washing reflective clothing hand wash only, do not twisted. Although twisting can speed up the drying speed, it will cause damage to all parts of the reflective clothing. After washing, hang it directly on a hanger OR line dry.

Do not machine wash and machine drying, it will damage the reflective stripes.

5. Avoid sun exposure.

It can be air-dried in a cool and ventilated place, and avoid sun exposure. When the clothes are dried, they can be sterilized in the sun. Avoid direct sunlight, they will accelerate the aging of reflective clothing materials.

6. No dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning can spoil the entire work garments.

7. Hanging storage.

Special care is required when using and storing high visibility jackets. hi vis jackets cannot be folded, other clothes you can fold. Folding will create creases, reducing reflectivity and reducing service life. So for reflective work clothes, the correct way should be to hang it.

8. Avoid hot iron

Iron temperature should lower than 110°C, avoid steam iron.

9. Follow the directions on care instructions

Different suppliers may use different quality reflective materials, and there may be differences on cleaning process and washing methods, so it is necessary to read the wash and care instructions.

After reading the requirements on the washing instruction or tag, you can correctly grasp the clothing clean method and avoid damage to the clothes.

The above methods are suitable for all high visibility work clothes such as reflective jackets, reflective vests, reflective pants, reflective jumpsuits, reflective raincoats, etc.


If the safety vest is made from stain resistant materials, it will be easier to remove loose dirt. Once the high visibility vests attach stains on job site, it’s better repeated washing with neutral detergents immediately. You can put fabric softener so the hand feeling softer.

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